Three weeks ago my Grandmother who just turned 79 years young was diagnosed with cancer of the throat. Last week she was in an accident that totaled her car making her unable to get to her treatments..


So, I created this website as a way to hopefully assist her with some of the expenses. She is scheduled for radiation treatments and chemo 5 days a week all through the month of May but the problem is her and my Grandfather Lloyd live 80 miles away from the Hospital, yea, ouch. My Grandparents live in a little town in Northern CA called Fall River Mills and they have to travel all the way to Redding for her treatments.

My Grandfather has always been the epitome of a steadfast and skillful driver, but as we all know, age takes a toll on the senses. Last week on their way home from a treatment my Grandfather fell asleep at the wheel and the car careened off the road for 350ft hitting nearly every rock and tree in it’s path, needless to say, the car was totaled. 

Miraculously they walked away from the accident nearly unscathed except that My poor Grandmother now has a fractured spine to go along with the pain she is already in. We have since located a vehicle for them that would be suitable for their needs, a 1998 Toyota Sienna that the owner is selling for $2,000. They do not however have the funds available for such an unexpected expense, so, I have decided to call upon my fellow humanity and ask for assistance for them.

We realize that this is the Internet and just making up some story and asking for money isn’t the best way to go about things so, I am currently in the process of obtaining copies of her medical records and a letter written from her Doctor explaining her diagnosis and her treatment schedule, as well as documentation from the tow company that picked up their totaled vehicle, that will hopefully show the sincerity behind our request for assistance. I have also added links to popular networking sites below so that you can help spread the word. Myself and my Grandparents thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  1. I will do my best to answer any questions asked regarding my Grandmother’s condition or the status of our situation.

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